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2012-12-10 10:43 am


For this.

Player: Sage
Age: 22
Personal Journal: [personal profile] sagesoren
Contact Info: Skype: thisintermezzo
Other Characters: None

Characters Name: Edgar Roni Figaro
Age: 27
Canon: Final Fantasy VI
Canon Point:
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Orientation: Straight

Appearance: Edgar has long blond hair tied into a braid, a purple cape, and some super swag regal armor.
Abilities: He has a great interest in machinery and is a tinkerer! As such, a lot of his special attacks involve gadgets--drills, a chainsaw, machine gun, things that spew noxious gasses. Like all other humans in FFVI, he can also use magic if he makes use of special stones containing the appropriate powers, but is not inherently a magic-user.
Other: He is so terrible at picking up women. Wow. :U

First Person:

Third Person:

Housing Request?: None!
Did you read the rules and FAQ?:
Would you like your application to be unscreened?:
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2012-05-02 08:40 pm
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Testing the Waters

> try to post on Dear_Mun

> flee, from fear of ineptitude

Aaah, I don't know if I can be a decent Edgar! Maybe I should just go back to Ye Olde Fallbacks and RP from Tales Of and Soul Eater. :U
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2012-02-03 07:15 pm
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This will be an RP account for Edgar from FFVI when I'm done with it. 8Db